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Native Screenshot Function Coming to Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone users have long desired for native screenshot functionality. That ladies and gentlemen is coming true with Windows Phone 8. A purportedly leaked SDK puts to rest rumors of the start key + camera button combo in the SDK emulator. You can emulate the screenshot capture using the F7+F2 (start/camera) keys on the emulator (and fingers crossed this feature will not be deprecated in the final release by the boys at Redmond).

Email Archiving in Exchange 2010

With expanding business correspondence and ever increasing volume of email communication, one wants to maintain and develop a low cost and easy to maintain email archiving system which could actually serve as the official correspondence archive for future reference and a proof of terms of engagement. Exchange 2010 with its email archiving and discovery pretty much serves this purpose.

New *FREE* Duplicate File Manager Software Released from TechyTube

New software for duplicate file management has been released from TechyTube. The software can find duplicate items on a folder of your selection and you can then choose to delete, rename or move the duplicate files. The duplicate file finding and discovery is based on calculating the MD5 of the files in a selected folder. Later versions of the tool will only do this calculation on portions of the file rather than reading the whole file to determine it's uniqueness compared against others.

Microsoft Windows 8 Surface vs Apple iPad

Microsoft is making a big bet indeed with the new operating system Windows 8 and also the accompanying hardware that it is going to release, the Surface. More information on the Surface hardware can be found at however nothing much is published now. Still we can talk about it […]