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Can actually beat our beloved Gmail?

Just like is for “Google account”, now we got for a “Microsoft account". The question is what is this unheard “Microsoft account”? It is simply the new name for what used to be called a "Windows Live ID." A combination of an email address and a password that will allow you to sign in to services like Hotmail, Xbox LIVE, Windows Phone, or SkyDrive is what Microsoft account is all about. In case you already have an email address and password from which you use these or other services, this means you already have a Microsoft account (and don’t know) —but you can also sign up for a new one if you like. In due course, all Microsoft services will be given new names.

Email Archiving in Exchange 2010

With expanding business correspondence and ever increasing volume of email communication, one wants to maintain and develop a low cost and easy to maintain email archiving system which could actually serve as the official correspondence archive for future reference and a proof of terms of engagement. Exchange 2010 with its email archiving and discovery pretty much serves this purpose.