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ASP.NET – Razor Model Directive

In the last video, we looked at integrating a model using the Inherits directive. A new directive, Model, has been introduced to make integrating strongly typed views as easy as a generic view. Through the use of the 'Add View' dialog, the model directive allows further integration with the Visual Studio designer than before. In this video, I will show you how to create a strongly typed view using the designer and model keyword, and add logic to that view.

ASP.NET – Razor Inherits Directive

In our previous video, we looked at how to pass parameters between an ASP.NET View and Layout page. It is now time to look at how to implement strongly-typed Models in an ASP.NET application. By default, the model is set to dynamic, meaning that it is not bound to any particular type of view. The inherits directive indicates which class the application will derive the view from, and can therefore ensure proper type checking. In this video, I will show you how to create a model using the Razor inherits directive.

Introduction to Spatial data types in SQL Server

In this article I would introduce you to the new data types added in SQL Server 2008 called as spatial data types and the different terminologies and the structures used in them. Prior to SQL Server 2008 spatial data used be stored in a conventional manner by basically creating  two different […]

.NET 2.0/Winforms Multithreading with GUI Elements

Multi-threading is a fairly simple concept, but takes a lot of skill to implement well in practice. An issue that often comes up with multithreading (and in a lot of interviews) is the access to GUI elements. Not everyone may know that UI elements can only be changed on the main thread, and this can lead to some considerable frustration when attempting to debug a program that throws cross-thread exceptions. In this video, I will show you how to write a simple multi-threaded Winforms application, and the challenges that exist in integrating those threads with altering a Label control at runtime.

Analyzing a Windows XP blue screen or crash

In this video a stop error is triggered using the Sysinternals notmyfault tool. Following the crash Microsoft’s Debugging Tools for Windows is used to analyze the reason for the crash. Same can be applied to situations where a driver or 3rd party app is causing the stop error and this […]