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How to create an unattended install answer file for Windows 7 and Vista for use in WDS

Use the Windows SIM (Windows System Image Manager) part of the Windows AIK (Automated Installation Kit) to create an unattended answer file that can be used with WDS (Windows Deployment Services). The video demonstrates the creation of an XML answer file and shows how it can be associated with an […]

How to create a capture image on WDS and capture the installation of a Windows 7 client

In this video a WDS – Windows Deployment Services capture image is created out of the boot image from the Windows 7 product DVD. After the capture image is created, a Windows 7 client is prepped with the Sysprep tool and shutdown. The client is then booted into PXE to […]

Adding a boot image to WDS server and installing client machines

This video demonstrates how to add a boot image on a WDS – Windows Deployment Services server on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. It also demonstrates how the client will boot into this boot image and then select an install image to install the operating system on the client.

How to capture and store a Windows 7 installation image for deployment

In this video you will see how to create a Windows PE or WinPE ISO image and use this to boot a Windows 7 machine to capture its image. Also discussed is how you can connect to a file share in the PE environment and prepare the Windows 7 machine […]