How to install MS SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 is the latest version of the SQL Server database platform. It is a significant leap compared to SQL server 2008 with a lot of new features like DQS, better master data services, Always ON, column store indexes etc. This video shows the user how to install and verify if MS SQL Server 2012 has been installed properly. It covers each of the screens step by step while explain certain important decisions that will need to be made in order to complete a successful installation.

The video aims to provide simple and clear instructions that even a novice will be able to follow as they install SQL Server 2012. Once completed the user will be able to install SQL Server and confirm that proper installation has occurred along with being able to understand the kind of choices that will need to be made and how they impact the installation process. The video shows how to install the core database engine, reporting services and additional shared features as well as configure administrator accounts etc.

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